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How to break a draining circle and build a desirable circle?

Sometimes, in order to halt a vicious cycle, there is a need for a decisive and powerful action that would break up that cycle. That overdraft at the bank, which repeats itself each month and even gets worse, must to stop.  But there are families that despite the great effort cannot break that difficult cycle. Sometimes the father of the family works beyond his capacities, and the woman who wants to go to work cannot: She has tremendous willpower but no options. She is facing a huge obstacle because she doesn’t have any education or any diploma in hand! Often, it is about a single mother, a widow or the wife of a mentally-ill or a sick husband. Often, it is about a mother who raises her extended family with spending always outstripping income.  In all these cases, the woman is unemployed, lost and emptied. Thus, when the tight financial situation and the daily survival war do not allow large spending on education, she ends up lost and feeling wasted and ungratified.

From a lost mom to a working mom

We, at Chasdei Yossef, have set ourselves the goal of helping those women integrate in the labor market, and quickly. We launched the “Kisharon” Center – an occupational training center for women of disadvantaged backgrounds. The Kisharon Center holds high-level diploma studies in collaboration with the top colleges in the most high-on-demand professions in the labor market. We offer a wide range of courses in the fields of design and cosmetics, complementary medicine, computers and languages. Each year, nearly 250 women complete their studies in about 20 courses and go to work with a recognized diploma.

Of the courses we have on offer you can find complementary medicine courses – reflexology, Bach flowers and NLP, in collaboration with the Reidman College, the only college that caters for these careers in Israel and offers an international diploma!

In the field of computers, an wide range of courses is offered at all levels – computers for beginners, Word and Excel for beginners, presentations editing, video editing (Premier photo-editing software) and graphic design for advanced students.

On behalf of the Galit Italia School for beauty professions, there is a range of courses on offer, from basic hairdressing courses to high-quality makeup and hair blow-drying.

In the past year, a unique course was created, the first of its kind in Jerusalem, for events’ production and design by the Yokra school under Hila Nidam’s management. It is a course on high-on-demanded profession that provides a rich source of employment opportunities in the fields of design and production, flower arranging and styling.

These studies are subsidized by the association. The subsidy is considerable. In contrast with the thousands of shekels that such courses cost at the parent colleges, our participants pay a very nominal amount. All that without compromising on the exclusivity of the course, the quality of the materials and the A-list teachers.

In addition to training and professional knowledge, the female students also gain confidence by their ability to cope with market demands, with parental-like and close-knit encouragement during their studies and practical training.


That is the most elegant manner of charity, as Maimonides has outlined to us (Matanot Aniyim, 10:7): "The greatest virtue is to lend a hand to someone and create an occupation for him in order to strengthen his hand and not have him rely on other people.”

Study to make a living

The placement rates of graduates at the Kisharon Center stands at about 80% for the various courses! These are dozens of women who are each year provided with the opportunity of rebuilding their homes, supporting and establishing themselves independent of charitable organizations or National Insurance Institute allowances.

Our greatest joy is to see those same women enter the workforce with distinction and pride, with gratification and joy that is clearly seen on their faces.



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