A poor meal

happy? Rejoice!

When you have the privilege of holding a mitzvah meal (such as a Brit Milah [circumcision ceremony], a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding), we are charity driven to fulfill for you the wonderful virtue of preparing a meal for the poor on the event day. The poor dine with dignity, in a place they are accustomed to.

According to the Book of Zohar, every joyous occasion has a man with ill intentions coming to disrupt, but if the event holder makes a meal for the poor, that disrupter walks away and stops disrupting. The right to a meal is a form of defense and acts for great salvation, as was said: “Feed me and I shall be salvaged.”

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The right measure: “When the charity-meal provider shall adorn himself in being around those who are considered poor and treat them to pleasantries.”

Doing salvation work with dignity!

The donation of meals for the poor through Chasdei Yossef opens the gates of heaven to impact those who rejoice with blessing and success, good fortune and the fulfillment of desires for the best!

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