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Mifalot – act and transcend

Hannah, 26, is a pleasant and unique woman who suffers from depression and OCD. For years, she nearly never left her home, due to the panic attacks that would suddenly strike her when she spent time outside. Life inside her home was dull, but life outside was frightening, and the fear completely paralyzed Hannah.
A year and a half ago, Hannah was granted the rehabilitation basket services from the Ministry of Health. She called Chasdei Yossef’s Mifalot with an unusual request: She would like to receive in professional guidance, but only within the parameters of her home.
At Mifalot, the motto is: each one according to his own needs, and therefore Hannah was treated to home visits by a dedicated social worker who began to follow her up from that point on. Ever since that day, Hannah’s life began to change. One visit came after the other, and she constantly improved. Patiently and consistently, the social worker created a process that seemed impossible.

I have a dream

In her conversations, Hannah said she really loves children and that she dreams of working with them. “But I can’t leave my home, and as a whole, no one will hire a mentally-ill employee,” Hannah said repeatedly. But in “Mifalot” the dream became a reality. Bruria, the wonderful rehabilitation counselor, went to work with Hannah at the club. At first, Hannah worked two hours a day only twice a week – on the days when Bruria accompanied her. But the sweet taste of being active, and the sense of triumph over disability, took Hannah far and away … nowadays Hannah works full-time at the club for a wage. She believes in herself and her abilities, returned to fully function, and says “thank you” to Mifalot each morning!

Nathan, a father of seven, suffers from schizophrenia and is balanced through medication. Since he created his household, he tried to bear the burden of livelihood in various ways. He worked as a cashier, an usher, a delivery man… every alternate day. Frustration accompanied him everywhere he went, and even his changing employers felt helpless. They were sorry to let him go, but they had no choice. Since Nathan began to receive assistance from Mifalot, his situation changed beyond recognition. The social worker and the rehabilitation trainer spoke with him about work, and Nathan decided that he was suitable for work with the elderly. In the past year, Nathan has been accompanying three elderly individuals – a genuinely full-time job. His elderly people love him and admire his patience and consistency, and Nathan is pleased with his ability to support his family. He received a new status at the home and is being respected in the family and the community. He is filled with motivation and joy of life, and projects his happiness to his environment.

Change and construction

Mifalot’s rehabilitation system provides a professional response for those entitled to a Rehabilitation basket from the Ministry of Health in housing support. Mifalot views the challenged individual within his natural life orbits. Therefore, in addition to personal and in-depth work with the challenged individual, and from a perspective that views the family unit as a supreme value and a source of significant influence, emphasis is placed on processes and interventions at the family and community level. Mifalot invests considerable resources in creating a challenging but practical recovery plan, with the full collaboration of the challenged individual.


What you mind can conceive you can create (Walt Disney)
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