Chasdei Yosef Association


Chasdei Yosef Association, which operates since 1989, is the most comprehensive and diverse assistance association in Jerusalem. Chasdei Yossef was created with the love, warm-heartedness and devotion of a single individual, who was privileged to sustain entire worlds: Rabbi Yossef Eliyahu Deitsch (of blessed memory), which the association is named in his honor.

Chasdei Yosef set a goal for itself to ensure that every needy individual meets his most basic needs: hot meals, a sense of security and the tools to realize his abilities so that he can stand on his own two feet and live in dignity.

Chasdei Yosef operates in a variety of ways: from the a soup kitchen that runs year round and provides hot meals to hundreds of hungry families by way of clubs for disadvantaged communities: children, youth at risk and the elderly, right through a vocational training center that grants a diploma at the end of the studies, which facilitates integration in the labor market.

In the past seven years, Chasdei Yossef has been assisting mental health sufferers, and it is the pioneer and unique provider of a rehabilitation basket and has been established from within the society that needs it.

Chasdei Yossef’s projects help more than 30,000 people per year.


A poor man is different man. His entire being is being crushed under the wheels of poverty.
Chasdei Yossef lifts up his spirit and gives him a new lease on life.




The charitable organization Chasdei Yossef was founded in memory of the visionary and philanthropist Rabbi Yossef Eliyahu Deitsch who was born in Jerusalem in 1922. Already from his youth, he stood out by his unique generosity and kindness. As he grew older, his influence and assistance spread around and became known to everyone. He was a figure full of charity, of giving and of love to people. Nothing stopped him from bestowing good to Jews. Even if it involved a significant effort and a loss of precious time, Rabbi Deutsch never hesitated. He extended any help he could offer to others with a smile and utter sincerity, as if he was obligated to do so.

Later on, when he married, he emphasized to his young wife that he only wanted to have his house wide open to those who had nowhere else to stay. And truly, many needy individuals considered themselves members of his family in whose house dozens of needy people dined. They never knew exactly who would come and why, but when he returned home, he was always accompanied by large groups of guests who came to enjoy a tasty and satisfying Shabbat meal, and also receive a kind heartfelt word. Besides the many guests, Shabbat meals were sent out to the homes of the needy, who were unable to prepare Shabbat meals, so that they would not starve, G-d forbid, on holy Shabbat.

Rabbi Yosef Eliyahu Deitsch’s children remember him moan during the week and say that he wished his house was bigger to accommodate more people. His greatest lifelong aspiration was to help those in the fringes of society, those who did not belong to a supporting group and were struggling by themselves with their bitter fate. Rabbi Deitsch skillfully recognized those same individuals and decided to be the support that they never had. Rabbi Deitsch’s sons grew up and internalized the values and dreams of their father. After his death in 1983, they established the charity Chasdei Yossef in honor of their great father, who set the goal of opening his heart and home to the needy.















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