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A leafy pathway, trees full of foliage on the side, and easy footsteps, footsteps of small feet running through it.

This is the path that leads to our children’s club. If you continue on that path and go inside, you will see that our club offers everything that you don’t have at home. Simplified love engulfs those lacking childhood innocence. A ringing laugh can be heard here from those without a smile in their homes.  A hot and nourishing meal every day, to satisfy a hungry body and a yearning soul. Didactic games and social-interaction games. Gymboree and an activity yard. Free creativity and a daily task. Modeling clay and rhyme, polymer clay and gouache. Music and story time. And actually, what not? A whole world of development, joy and satisfaction.

From a deep acquaintance with the needy families, we launched the club for those boys and girls with sad eyes who are searching for love and comfort in their miserable world.
Like those same miserable people who entered the rich man’s home with empty stomachs and left it with their stomachs full, our children walked into the club when they’re hungry and in need of a hot meal and attention, and left it in the evening fully-fed, satisfied and full of energy to help them cope with the shortage that awaited them at home.
Like all of Chasdei Yossef’s activities, its professionals that accompany the club program worked according to the consumers’ theory that dictates the activities plan.
The club is primarily designed to provide the children with the needs that for various reasons they do not receive at home, from nutritional security through language development, communication and reading skills.
When you visit the club, you’ll be able to see how the children are free to look for ways to satisfy their needs after eating the hot and nourishing meal.  After some time at the club, with hard thought and much compassion, they are one step closer to fulfilling their potential, fostering health and mental well-being, and with promises, with G-d’s help, of a better future.

“When the child's basic needs are met, he will be able to turn his attention to studying and self-fulfillment” (Avraham Maslow, psychologist)

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