With perfection, love, and respect!

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So much sorrow, so much pain!

You hear about families who can’t afford to buy bread,

on widows and orphans,

on patients and daily hardships

You share in the sorrow with all your heart,

Want to bear the burden,

so that they feel you are a partner to the journey, the burden of life…

Chasdei Yossef standards with you there.

We meet that great plight every day,

We stare it in the face.

Because we – you, and I can help!

Every month and on Jewish holidays, Chasdei Yossef assists hundreds of families and lonely people who are hurting, for whom it’s hard and bitter.

Chasdei Yossef alleviates the pain through both material and emotional support.

Coupons for the largest chain stores in the amount of hundreds of shekels per family, coupons in a well-known clothing store in central Jerusalem, and the distribution of heating appliances in winter – these are the basic aid packages that a needy family receives from Chasdei Yossef.

In addition, various aid projects are run year-round, according to the Jewish calendar:

Help in purchasing necessary and essential items ahead of the holidays, distribute surplus clothing and footwear from leading companies, as well as individual assistance on request before family occasions: A birth, a Bar Mitzvah party and a wedding – subject to in-depth examination and the recommendation by the regional welfare office and neighborhood activists.

That handout is not only expressed by the physical, materialistic value of the donation, but also has considerable emotional and moral significance, by providing joy to the needy, security, and hope to carry on!

“Because thy shall open your to him … for any shortage he may experience”


With perfection, love, and respect!

In recent years, Chasdei Yossef had a huge distribution in organized compounds at the city center.

The needy had to bear the burden of collecting and carrying the products to their homes.

In recent years, in view of more possibilities, Chasdei Yossef provides coupons to families.

In handing out the coupons:

  • The needy’s unpleasantness and any feelings of shame in receiving charity are spared.
  • The privacy of those in need is maintained and no one else knows about the support they receive other than themselves.
  • Purchases are made in full coordination with the needs of those in need: Young families buy baby food, diapers and pacifiers, while older families purchase the consumer goods they need. (The food-chain stores from which we provide the coupons also sell stationery and school equipment…). Older individuals require different food items than younger individuals, which they pick according to their state of health and the nutritional value they need.
  • The food-chain stores offer a delivery service, so that even disabled individuals can make a decent purchase that reaches their door, just like any other person.
  • The needy can make the purchase at their convenient time and are not required to arrive on a specific day and time to the distribution center.
  • You can get change for coupons, so that the amount can be divided into more limited purchases, for better freshness and convenience.
  • For a purchase in a clothing store, those in need can purchase the items they require without limiting the type of clothing and size most suitable to them and with the exact same pleasant feeling that any other customer has at the store.

It is difficult to describe the radiant and grateful looks on the faces of the needy when they receive the coupons. The hundreds of letters of appreciation that are filed in the offices of Chasdei Yossef is a testament more than anything else to the spared souls in the most dignified, sensitive and thoughtful manner.

"We all love the days of Purim ... and we all want to make families happy on Purim and to receive the mitzvah of mishloach manot and gifts for the poor ..."
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