Words by the chairman

Rabbi Moshe Deutsch Shalita

Hello friends,

We always keep in mind the saying: “A human being is created in the image.”

In keeping with our convention, the Chasdei Yossef activity is geared at observing the soul beneath the outer shell.

We treat individuals with royal dignity, as if G-d’s they were creation, worthy of dignity wherever they may be.

A man consists of several layers:
The physical layer is visible, and often people are tempted to relate to that.
Beneath the outer surface of an image and physical needs lies an additional layer, which is not less significant: the emotional and social layer. Our goal is to provide every needy individual with the necessary help he needs and with all due respect, while paying the most attention to his mental, social and emotional needs. Our entire work provides a dignified and creative response to enable the needy to continue to feel like ordinary men and women.
We invite you to be part of this wonderful charitable activity run by Chasdei Yossef.


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